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  • Systems Biology - comprehensive data and models for the MTB Regulatory and Metabolic networks
  • Gene Expression Publications: Search and browse publications with gene expression data that are stored in TBDB.
  • Samples and Conditions:
    Search for a gene over all published samples and explore the expression significance of the indicated gene.
  • My Repository (sign in required): Access your saved microarray data sets for further analysis.
  • Download - download data files for sequence and annotation
  • TB Genomes Database

    Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

    Genome Statistics:View basic statistics about genome size, gene density, etc

    Gene Index: Find genes by a variety of methods

    Orthology: Browse the results of a comparative analysis of mycobacterial gene families

    Systems Biology: Find genes by a variety of methods

    Protein Epitopes: A list of protein epitopes in H37Rv from IEDB

    Download Data: Download sequence, genes, and other genome data


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