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  • Systems Biology - comprehensive data and models for the MTB Regulatory and Metabolic networks
  • Gene Expression Publications: Search and browse publications with gene expression data that are stored in TBDB.
  • Samples and Conditions:
    Search for a gene over all published samples and explore the expression significance of the indicated gene.
  • My Repository (sign in required): Access your saved microarray data sets for further analysis.
  • Download - download data files for sequence and annotation
  • Search Predicted Regulatory Interactions

    Find Regulators of Gene


    Search for transcription factors potentially regulating target gene. Enter Rv or gene symbol.

    Find Targets for Gene


    Search for genes potentially regulated by a transcription factor. Enter Rv or gene symbol.

    Search All Binding Sites

    Binding Near Gene


    Search for transcription factors binding sites near a target gene. Enter Rv or gene symbol.

    Binding Near Position


    Search for binding sites near a genomic location.

    Search List of Genes for Associated Regulators

    Find regulators with predicted interactions to a set of genes.

    Browse Experiments

    Browse a table of all TFS with ChIP-Seq data including a summary of detected binding sites, links to visualize the raw data, and predicted binding motifs.

    Download Data

    You can download all ChIP-Seq data and releated resources.