Rv1002c - conserved membrane protein

Protein Domains

Gene Information
Gene Nameconserved membrane protein
Location1118428 - 1119939 (-)
SpeciesMycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv complete genome.
LengthGene:1512 bp
Protein:504 aa
External LinksTuberculist
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Orthogroup Number391
Related GenesAcel_0172 CE0964 cg1014 DIP0868 jk1519 MAP0943c MAV_1126 Mkms_4360 ML0192 Mmcs_4274 MSMEG_5447 MT1031 MUL_4663 Mvan_4809 nfa49110 PPA0523 SAV3592
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Genomic Sequence
Community Annotations Pending Curatorial Review
InteractionRegulatedBy Rv3849activeyamir.moreno2012-10-05
Microarrays. mRNA levels of regulated element measured and compared between wild-type and trans-element mutation (knockout, over expression etc.) performed by using microarray (or macroarray) experiments..
S. Raghavan, P. Manzanillo et al. Secreted transcription factor controls Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence. Nature 2008