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  • Rv0222 - enoyl-CoA hydratase echA1

    Protein Domains

    Gene Information
    Gene Nameenoyl-CoA hydratase echA1
    Location265507 - 266295 (+)
    SpeciesMycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv complete genome.
    LengthGene:789 bp
    Protein:263 aa
    External LinksTuberculist
    Target Gene Information
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    Orthogroup Number35194
    Related GenesCE2775 CE2776 CE2780 jk0588 MAP1714 MAP1715 MAP3658 MAP3925 MAV_2701 MAV_2702 MAV_4717 MAV_4951 Mkms_1523 Mmcs_1500 MSMEG_4110 MSMEG_4114 MSMEG_4115 MSMEG_4116 MSMEG_4119 MT0232 MT1754 MUL_1114 MUL_2558 Mvan_3400 Rv1715
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    Genomic Sequence
    Community Annotations Pending Curatorial Review
    COG Categories TermReplication, recombination and repairactivecstolte2011-01-03
    COG Categories TermCarbohydrate transport and metabolismactivecstolte2011-01-03